North Bay is a ‘Clean Green & Beautiful’ engaged, and inclusive community.
We create beauty, together, in public, private, and unexpected places.


To foster stewardship of our land, water, and community with a focus of raising civic pride and enhancing the beauty of our whole city.


Protect the environment; beautify public spaces; reduce, reuse, recycle; educate; help fellow citizens maintain the beauty, character and heritage of the community.


Promotes individual responsibility and encourages volunteers, together with local civic organizations, government officials, corporations and individuals, to address local quality of life issues.


The North Bay Clean Green & Beautiful Engagement Committee

A group of community leaders were inspired to take action to make North Bay
even better. North Bay Clean Green & Beautiful Engagement Committee was formed and we looked at what could be three good things for the community of North Bay. The idea that rose to the top – clean, green and beautiful – and let’s invite the whole community to participate!

Our goal is that everyone in our beautiful community will become engaged to do something to make North Bay even more Clean Green & Beautiful!

Engagement Committee Members include:
Hariett Madigan, CGB Champion
Scott Robertson City of North Bay Councillor 
Paula Loranger, North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority
Peter Chirico, North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce
Nathan Jensen, Mitchell Jensen Architects
Kcristal Spiess,
Community Living North Bay
David Schroeder, City of North Bay Parks
Tealia Carriere, Community Member
Thomas Brown, BuzzMasters
Gina Sherry, A&W North Bay
Emily and Tiffany Womack, Litter Busters Team

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