“The tree I chose is an apple tree and I named it “Mac”. McIntosh (Mac’s) are my favourite apples so hence, this is the name I chose. I bought a tree to support our Community orchard as I value the environment and the food the tree will provide.” - Laurie Wood

“My grandson and I collaborated and came up with Mr. H Appely for my apple tree. I contributed because I think trees are beautiful and important for all of us.” Janet Taylor

"Not sure what kind of tree I picked but I named it after my Mom, June. Doesn’t matter what kind it is, I love them all!” - Gloria Decaire

“I named my tree Emma-Rose after my 2 granddaughters Emma and Rosalie Duquette. Bought the tree because I believe in beauty & the fact that this orchard will help to feed our community not only by providing food but on a spiritual level when we see the blossoms in the Spring and the fruit in the Fall.” - Joan Clarke

"I am naming my apple tree Aggie and my hope is that it has a healthy,productive life and lives to be 100 as my mom Agnes Wood has done." - June Schiavone

"I am naming my tree Faith.  My reason is that I have faith that we will all make it through this Covid19 pandemic in 2020. I am a tree hugger and I think trees are awesome and don’t know where we would be without them; so crucial to life on earth." - Donna Day Hoyle

"I purchased my tree (plum if they are available, apple fine too) in honour of my best friend Sally Banach. She was my mentor, my confidante and the most loyal individual I have ever met. I miss her every day. I have lost a brother, dad and husband also, but in appreciation of the sisterhood I so value with Living Fit, I felt naming the tree after Sal was a good choice." - Anna Olmstead
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