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About Clean green beautiful (CGB)


North Bay is a “Clean, Green, and Beautiful” engaged and inclusive community. We create beauty in public, private, and unexpected places, by raising the bar of kindness for the planet and people.


To foster stewardship of our land, water, and community with a focus on raising civic pride and enhancing the beauty of our city. To bring the beauty of the Waterfront and stewardship culture throughout the City of North Bay.


Clean, Green, Beautiful North Bay (CGB) promotes individual responsibility and encourages volunteers, local organizations, government officials, and corporations to address local quality-of-life issues. Our core values are to inform, inspire, and collaborate.


We have several initiatives that we present to our community, honoring every level of participation, no matter how big or small. We ask only that our volunteers:

Be kind, be safe, have fun!

Alliance Planting 2022


Hariett Madigan, Gina Sherry, Nathan Jensen, Paula Loranger,

Kylie-Anne Grube, Jamie Lowery, Holly Cunningham, Terry Parolin, Sarah McGowan, Sara Inch,  Hal Falk and Warren Lindsay.  


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Keeping North Bay Clean, Green, and Beautiful together!

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