Let's keep North Bay Clean, Green and Beautiful, one project at a time!

By working together, people in our community are making a difference. You can check out the project map below, and even start your own Clean Green and Beautiful initiative!

  1. Download a colouring page (you do not have to print it in colour)
  2. Take a picture with, or of, your completed page
  3. Tag @cleangreenbeautiful.nb on Facebook and Instagram to be featured on our page

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There was a lot of excitement around the North Bay Clean Green Beautiful Project 2019. Our community and partners were a big part of that story!  Your participation helped us achieve our first successful year – to bring the beauty of the waterfront and stewardship culture through the whole community.

We ended 2019 with 398 litter pick-up teams, 1500 volunteers and engaged 10,000 people in cleaning up the city, among other beautiful initiatives!  Your participation contributed to our success to be litter free, 3140 trees were planted, 5 public spaces were remediated, and offensive graffiti was removed in some areas, all for the beautiful city that we love. Our website shows you some of the projects so please open an account and share your project to make North Bay even more beautiful!

Goals for 2020:

  • To promote zero waste, litter free, offensive graffiti free.
  • To increase the tree canopy in our urban environment.
  • To grow compassion, kindness, respect and inclusion by being a good neighbor.
  • To create, inventory, and recognize beautiful spaces, people, and things.
  • To work together to become the most beautiful city our size in Ontario.

We’re getting ready to launch again this year, with ongoing and new initiatives to introduce and we look forward to your continued support!  We’ll be introducing these initiatives throughout spring and summer, as COVID 19 protocols allow.  

Free Garbage Bag Deliveries - Clean Green Beautiful North Bay

Covid-19 Clean up North Bay
Invite your Friends - @cleangreenbeautifulnb

Clean Green Beautiful North Bay Events

  • Do a Litter and waste pickup in your own yard and surroundings.  Miller Waste will pick up Clean Green Beautiful bags, April to September, no extra charge.
  • Contact [email protected] if you need bags.  Register online.  Post a photo and tell your story.  Then update your post anytime.
  • Think of ways to look out for your neighbour.  Ask permission, be kind, be inclusive.

Think! Act! Share!
Other ways to make your North Bay home
Clean Green Beautiful!

Events will be posted on:
Tangr.com, cleangreenbeautiful.com, Facebook, and Instagram.

Together, We Can Have a Huge Impact

Help us create litter-free neighbourhoods all over our city around your school, business, organization, street, or neighbourhood.

It only takes minutes and makes a big difference in keeping North Bay beautiful!

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Here's How You Get Involved!

1. Register and create a beatification project on this website.

2. Write a description, post a picture and pin it to our map.

3. Make it a family project of 5 or under.

4. Get your bags, review the safety notes below and start stewarding.

5. Post more pictures as you go!

Get your bags by contacting:

[email protected]

Free bags for stewards:

Once you are registered, get your FREE branded "Clean Green Beautiful" litter bags by contacting [email protected]. Indicate the area where you cleaning and the number of bags you will need.

Fill each bag with up to 25 lbs of litter. Recycle when you can.  Then place your full Clean Green Beautiful bags at your curbside with your regular pickup.  Wear gloves and glasses.  Use a Grip n’Grab tool if you have one.

Miller Waste will pick up these bags April to September. These bags aren’t included in your household bag limit!

CGB Bags

The Beginning of Something Clean Green and Beautiful!

Get started anytime, now to September 2020.

Over the coming months, the City, organizations, local businesses, groups and individuals will be completing several, clean, green and beautiful projects including; street and sidewalk sweeping, park and litter collection, boulevard and median projects and tree planting, creating beautiful spaces.

Be Safe!  Be Kind!  Have Fun!

Thank you for your dedication to North Bay as a Clean Green & Beautiful steward! Your well-being and enjoyment are important to us.

Be Safe!

  • Work with a partner when possible– safer and more fun too!
  • Involve the kids, and be sure they’re safe and supervised.
  • Wear appropriate footwear, clothing, sunscreen, and eye protection (when necessary).
  • Wear gloves or some form of hand protection.  If you have them, use Grip n’ Grab pickup sticks.
  • Always sweep, rake or shovel glass.
  • For Emergencies, call 911.
  • If you find sharps in the community, and are able to pick them up safely, please follow these instructions:
    • Do not walk while holding the sharp object
    • Bring a puncture-proof, hard-sided, leak-proof container with a lid, such as a pickle jar or bleach container, to the area where the object is. Do not recap, bend, break the needle or manipulate it by hand in any way
    • Place the object in the container. Use tongs if available. If tongs are not available pick up the needle/sharp from the blunt end and secure the lid
    • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water
    • Label the container “hazardous waste” and bring to the Health Unit for proper disposal

Working near Streets, Roads & Curbs

  • Stay off the street or roadway when possible.
  • When working in or around a gutter, work from the sidewalk side – not from the street.
  • If cleaning up along a busy street near traffic, wear a bright reflective work vest or bright-colored clothing.
  • Cross streets at signals or crosswalks, not mid-block.
  • Feel free to pull weeds from the sidewalk cracks, boulevards and curbs.

Working near Waterways

  • Stick to the shoreline – don’t go into the water.  (If you find large items in creeks or streams, contact the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority at 705 474-5420 [email protected])
  • Watch your footing on slopes and shorelines.
  • Never allow children to work on steep slopes or near shorelines without adult supervision.
  • Always work with a partner near water – water is still cold so be careful! It’s ok to wear a lifejacket while working near water!  Great idea to have
  • Avoid touching unfamiliar plantings. Some plants are invasive and spread easily.  Some are toxic.  If you don’t know, don’t touch.  Bathe and wash clothes after potential contact.
  • Stick to the shoreline – don’t go into the water.  (If you find large items in creeks or streams, contact the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority at 705 474-5420 [email protected])
  • Watch your footing on slopes and shorelines.

Disposing of Debris Safely

  • Separate collected materials into recycling and garbage.
  • Dispose of recycling in your residential blue box.
  • Dispose of small amounts of trash in your CGB Bags.
  • Place your CGB Bag at curbside.  Miller Waste will pick up these bags April to September.  (These bags aren’t included in your household bag limit)

Be Kind!

  • Always be courteous and respectful to your fellow stewards.
  • If you’re cleaning up on City property or right of ways, all volunteers are expected to conduct themselves in a safe, courteous, and legal manner.
  • Please don’t trespass on private property – ask for permission if you’d like to help out a neighbour!

Have Fun!

  • Engage your neighbours, friends and local corner store or business to keep their property tidy.
  • Challenge your co-workers! Plan an employee wellness clean-up day at work.
  • Count the number of bags you collect and report back to Clean, Green, Beautiful.
  • The website is: www.cleangreenbeautiful.com 
  • Post your before and after photos of your clean-up! Use the hashtag #NBCleanGreenBeautiful on social media.
  • Tell a story of the people and the place you’re stewarding.
    • What inspired you to join in North Bay Clean Green Beautiful?
    • What would you do if you had $1000 to beautify North Bay?
    • What do you love most about our North Bay?

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