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Keep North Bay
Clean, Green and Beautiful!

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Over 8000




Over 8000

Trees & Shrubs Planted

Over 500


What We Do

Community Clean-ups

We support community and neighborhood clean-ups.  We will provide biodegradable bags needed for your clean-up!

Be safe, be kind, have fun!

Raising Awareness

We focus on bringing awareness of the health of environmental concerns in the community. Plants, earth, water and air quality and people!  

Building A Community

Our focus is to bring the beauty of the waterfront and spread the culture of stewardship throughout the City, and nurture the spirit of kindness among our community members and kindness to the natural environment. 

Share kindness with your neighbors!

How Does It Work?

Order your bags!  Join a team or do a litter clean-up in your neighborhood!  Keep your neighborhood, clean, green and beautiful.  Interested in something else?  Plant a tree, shrub or flowers.  Remove weeds safely from the curbs in front of your home.  Share your photos on our Facebook page!

If you have other volunteers doing clean-ups with you, have them register below.

If you need large litter items picked up, fill out the form here!

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