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North Bay Community Resilience Fair

Clean Green Beautiful invites the community to North Bay’s first annual Resilience Fair, part of the Home and Garden Expo from

February 23 to 25, 2024 at Memorial Gardens.

The fair will bring presenters and exhibitors together to enhance awareness of the Good Life Goals and local initiatives related to climate change, food security, conservation, and community well-being.

What Are the Good Life Goals?

People around the world are becoming increasingly familiar with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but how many of us

really know what we can do to reach them?

The Good Life Goals represent an effort to answer this question and help a global audience to recognize the vital role of individual action in achieving the SDGs. The Good Life Goals lay out 85 ways anyone can contribute towards the huge, planet-changing objectives that sit at the heart of the SDG agenda.

Get Inspired: Workshops and Presentations

Local experts and thought leaders will share their insights on the impactful actions you can take to promote resilience in the community.  

Topics will range from habitat creation and sustainable gardening to

forest management, health and well-being, and will also feature

family-friendly art workshops.

Measure What You Treasure: Ecological Footprint Calculator

How many planets does it take to support your lifestyle? Start your journey at the Resilience Fair by completing your ecological footprint and receive a personalized report that identifies opportunities to reduce your environmental impact.

Holly Cunningham - Creative Industries

Love Where You Live: Tile Making Workshop

Drop 'in and do' workshop, where participants work through prompts that ask questions about arts, culture and community to create colour coded "tiles" that fit into a larger mural.

Elliott Groen - Forest Gardener

Developing a Forest Management Plan

This presentation will cover some of the motivations for and benefits of developing a forest management plan. Learn the various stages such as inventories, determining objectives, setting realistic objectives and what supports exist out there for private landowners.

Kylie-Anne Grube - Climate Engagement Specialist

Living the Good Life Goals

The world is becoming increasingly familiar with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but how individuals can help achieve them? In this engaging
presentation, Kylie-Anne will introduce the Good Life Goals as a tool to help us actionize the SDG’s in our everyday lives and invite us to reflect on the intertwined roles of personal and systemic actions in the pursuit of a sustainable world.

Lucy Emmott - Nature Lover
Community Spaces: Why Are They So Important?

Join for a vibrant presentation highlighting some of our colourful local natural communities and the ways they are connected. This gathering is for you if you’re looking to renew excitement about stewardship of the wonderful natural systems and resources in our care, if you’d like to be reminded of the small and miraculous, or if you’d like to have a collaborative discussion about how to keep joyful while being an advocate for public natural spaces.

Brittney Fortin - Clean Green Beautiful North Bay

Everyday Hacks for a Greener Community

An interactive exhibit on “Everyday hacks for a more sustainable tomorrow”. Learn tips, tricks and some hard facts on the products we use everyday. Brittney is a creative at heart, passionate about merging her love for community and the natural environment.

Chithra Gowda - North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority

Rain gardens in our Yards: Building Community Resilience 

Tips to harness nature in our own backyards, towards community resilience. Nature-based solutions including rain gardens, swales and more are easy to implement and economic ways we thrive as a community in the face of a

changing climate.

Sandra Thorkelson - North Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre

Miskwaadesi & the Value of Native Plants

In this enlightening presentation Sandra will explain the cultural significance of each element of the Miskwaadesi project, along with the mission of ensuring native plants have space to support all beings in the city, human or not.

Christine Bretherick - Creativity Matters

Caring for Mother Nature

Creativity matters so all are welcome to play and express themselves at the art table, become environmental stewards, and create a little something for our display.

Jana Brogen - Sage Rosemary Wholistic

Home, Embodied: Recognize Remove Toxins & Create a Healthy Environment

Within this workshop, we will be looking at various rooms with the home and toxins that are found in everyday and seemingly innocuous items and how these toxins influence our true home, the body. 

Moira McKenzie - Flowers by Moira 

Tips and Tricks to Create Beautiful Flower Arrangements

Discover simple tips and tricks to create beautiful flower arrangements with no waste, following the principles of Forest Gardener reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Melissa Ryman - Breathe Easy Cleaning

Breathe Easy Cleaning & Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Breathe Easy Cleaning Services provides high-quality eco-friendly residential and commercial cleaning.  We take pride in using cleaning products without harmful chemicals or waste, and we will be sharing and demonstrating how Norwex effectively accomplishes that goal.

Lynn Farintosh - North Bay & Area Master Gardeners 

Intro to Sustainable Gardening

A sustainable garden is one that is self-reliant, a garden that can last indefinitely without inordinate external support. Sustainable gardening uses resources in a smart and ecologically-minded way. Join Lynn in this educational presentation to learn about sustainable gardening practices including water conservation, soil protection, energy conservation, native plants, and seed saving.

Julie Rioux - Rewmissio

Health and Wellness

Remissio is a massage therapy and wellness center nestled in the heart of North Bay, ON. We aim to provide you with the best possible care to help you with your overall wellbeing

Shop Local: Community Exhibitors
Explore a vibrant array of exhibitors from local organizations and businesses committed to sustainability and complete a passport activity for a chance to win prizes valued up to $200.

Breathe Easy Cleaning Services & Norwex - Independent Consultant

We all need to be mindful of the presence of chemicals in our everyday lives and the potential impact these harmful chemicals can have on our health, environment, and planet. We take pride in using cleaning products without harmful chemicals or waste. Stop by, visit, learn about our products for sale and enter our draw!

Capitol Centre

Promoting the link between the arts and wellbeing!  Our recent “Centre Yourself” campaign demonstrates the benefits of being a spectator, creating art, and the social/community benefits of coming together and sharing different art forms. Enter our draw to win a pair of tickets to see “Spidey- Make Believe – Magic of your Mind” on March 2, purchase 50/50 tickets to our monthly fundraising draws and find information on upcoming shows in the Betty Speers Theatre and exhibitions in the WKP Kennedy Gallery.

Liz Lott

Local advocate and activist for the environment, artist Liz Lott will have a small exhibition of her work, influenced by our stunning local, natural environment. Starry skies, aurora borealis, owls, lake sturgeon, earth nests…an array of flora and fauna are featured into/on small, hand built porcelain pieces or note cards made with recycled paper will be available for sale. As a special Resilience Fair booth feature, Liz will have an interactive “Earth Wish Tree” displayed which attenders can contribute to with a written pledge or wish.

Moon Over Water

A small woman run business focused on creating clothing and undergarments using natural and sustainably grown fibres.  Using fabrics made from hemp, organic cotton and linen to make clothing that looks good, long lasting and feels good to wear all day, in all types of circumstances, hoping to encourage people to have a more mindfully curated wardrobe, choosing quality and intentionally selected clothing that they cherish and take care of. Handmade clothing, undergarments, and accessories for sale, as well as mending supplies (thread, fabric patches, buttons etc.) to assist/encourage people to mend their clothing.

North Bay and Area Master Gardeners

Master Gardeners of Ontario Inc. is an independent non-profit charitable organization dedicated to helping home gardeners.  Master Gardeners are experienced gardeners who have studied horticulture extensively and continue to upgrade their skills through technical training to provide expert advice to others.

Stop by and ask questions, enter a draw for an hour of time to gain knowledge in your own garden from a Master Gardener and checkout  reference materials on sustainable gardening.

North Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre

The booth will have the NBIFC Table cloth on it, along with the initial blueprint drawings of the Miskwaadesi Project, colour rendering of the site, and the display will be coordinated with the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority (NBMCA). There will be photographs of the various plants that we hope to reintroduce, along with discussions about the significance of each aspect of the site. Sandra Thorkelson will be on hand to discuss the cultural significance of each aspect of the site as well as the special relationship that the NBIFC and NBMCA share.

Reflex & Refresh (R&R)

A holistic day spa offering traditional healing treatments, esthetic services, and tiny tattoos. A one stop shop to "Love Yourself Every Way"! For sale will be 

all-natural body and bath products. We will be launching our "Hustle & Heal '' Guide to self-care and healthy lifestyle the natural way.

Try a mini hand reflexology session, scalp massage, and henna tattoo to experience our services firsthand!

How we can help you with sustainable natural life practices to improve your daily physical and mental health?

Remissio Wellness Inc.

Remissio is a massage therapy and wellness center nestled in the heart of North Bay, ON. We aim to provide you with the best possible care to help you with your overall wellbeing.

Sage Rosemary Wholistic

A wholistic practice built on the principles of botanical medicines that uses an integrative approach to building wellness within the individual, as well as the larger community.  This virtual and in-person practice offers a variety of methods for those seeking to heal, enrich, educate, embark (or continue) on a journey of self-discovery while reconnecting to the wisdom of tradition and the earth. Client-based care is a priority; acknowledging and working from a space that sees every person as an individual.  Use practices that are eco-conscious and regenerative in nature; packaging is either reusable or biodegradable, and great effort to ensure that plants and other ingredients used in products are organic and not use plants that are endangered or species-at-risk.

The FARM/Main Supply

TConscious consumers will get a crash course on why refilleries are gaining popularity in the retail market and can feel good about reducing waste by choosing to make the switch to non toxic, lake friendly home and personal care products. This will be shown through infographics, stats and dialogue with the owner herself. Attendees will also be able to shop the Main Supply Pop Up. Products will include some of our most popular refillable or package free items, home starter kits and accessories that compliment and support a sustainable lifestyle.

The Vest Project

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Ukrainian art! Discover a captivating collection of original oil paintings by renowned Ukrainian artists, each piece carefully selected to showcase the rich cultural heritage and creative diversity of Ukraine. From breathtaking landscapes to captivating abstracts, our paintings offer a glimpse into the soul of Ukraine, celebrating its resilience, fortitude, and unwavering spirit.

Purchases support frontline defenders of Ukraine, providing them with essential non-lethal protective gear and emergency equipment. With each stroke of the brush, we stand in solidarity with those who courageously defend their homeland. Stop by to experience the power of art and make a meaningful difference in the lives of Ukraine's heroes. T-shirts and stickers for sale and we are accepting donations. Together we can make a positive difference!

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