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Growing Resilient Neighbourhoods North Bay!

We believe North Bay is a strong resident-led community with many pockets of neighbourhood communities, supported by the city with playgrounds, sidewalks, trails, green spaces, bus services and some community centres – all elements that contribute to age-friendly and diverse neighbourhoods.

Our city and neighbourhoods are experiencing significant growth through ethnic diversity, newcomers to our northern city, technology, and increased housing. These elements will shape how our neighbourhoods will look and how they will interact. Our city and partners can offer support to neighbourhoods to develop stronger and more inclusive neighbourhoods and, with changing social, economic and environmental climate, can be considered a priority!

Growing Resilient Neighbourhoods will allow the opportunity to receive educational information like Tips and Tricks on how to stay safe in your neighbourhood. Have the chance to participate in neighbourhood challenges like litter pickups and book exchanges. If interested, have a role in Neighbourhood Watch and or Block Parent.

Being part of Growing Resilient Neighbourhoods will create a tighter, safer, healthier, and more enjoyable community! 

GRN is based on 5 simple steps, check them out!


Don't be a target

• Have plenty of lighting around your home; use motion sensors, if possible.
• Don’t leave window or doors open, even on a hot day, if you are not home.
• Leave lights on inside your home or use timers when you’re gone.
• Lock your car and keep valuables out of sight.
• Secure gates and fences that are easily accessible.
• Have keys ready when coming home; don’t fumble around at your door.
• Check your surroundings when approaching your door at night.
• Be wary of solicitors at your door, even in the daytime.


Report suspicious activity

• Call 911 whenever something looks unusual (strange cars with people in them in front of houses; strangers checking out houses or cars).
• Have a pen and paper (or Cell) handy to write down details that could help police.


Get to know your neighbours

•Exchange phone numbers (home, work, cell, befriend on Facebook).
• Learn each other’s routines (work schedules, vacation plans, guests’ visits, scheduled workers).
• Regularly check on neighbours living alone.
• Volunteer to pick up your neighbor’s newspapers/packages when they are gone.
• Organize or join a Neighbourhood Watch and or Block Parent Group.
• Organize friendly contests and activities in your neighbourhood.
• Be kind! Be safe! Have fun!


Get out and about

• Walk around your neighbourhood or sit on your front porch.
• Encourage your neighbors to get out with you.
• Take part in neighbourhood activities together.


Keep our neighbourhoods neat and clean

• Pick up litter and trash, even if it’s not yours or in front of your house.
• Keep yards maintained and looking clean, green, and beautiful.
• Trim hedges that can be used as hiding places.
• Order CGB garbage bags and take part in community/neighbourhood litter pickups.

Join us on Facebook and stay updated with new initiatives and activities! 

Growing Resilient Neighbourhoods is a Clean Green Beautiful North Bay community initiative that is supported by North Bay Police Service and City of North Bay. This initiative is about honoring the wonderful City of North Bay by creating a clean, green, beautiful, and resilient community for our neighbours.


Thank you to all who support this initiative!

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